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Thomas Kromik is a German-born designer who started his label thom/krom in 2009. The self-named collection produces avant-garde designs with wearable execution, to create a strong, fashion forward range. The designer takes classic pieces and adds his own slant. This classic style is complemented by a simplistic colour palette and muted tones. Faded grey prints are used on some of the t-shirts adding interest as standalone pieces but harmonising with the rest of the collection.

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Thom Krom heads up his Hanover based design house. He has a small committed team who have a strong emphasis on simplistic designs with strong black silhouettes. Inspired by quiet nights in the city where darkness envelops the toned down atmosphere of evening life. Thom Krom has succeeded in establishing a brand that can be trusted to be effortlessly cool without relying on brash logos, bling and bright colours.

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 ‘The night is your friend my love

Is a strapline you will hear associated with the Thom Krom Brand. His menswear and womenswear collections are made to be comfortable and integrate with existing items you may already own, whilst creating individuality. Democratic in its approach the brand embraces inclusivity to integrate with the demands of any lifestyle. The designs rely on understated detailing and asymmetries which are carefully produced using the highest quality materials.

Thom Krom designer profile

After leaving school at 16 Thom Krom found himself working in a fashion store as a salesman. The experience of identifying the right clothing for his clientele was a positive one that left his customers and himself feeling good and helped to ignite his dream of one day opening his own clothing stores.

Thom honed his skills working as a fashion buyer and by attending evening classes before diversifying to become a product manager and finding employment for a fast fashion brand as a trend scout. His role as a trend scout spanned a decade and allowed him to travel to fashion capitals including Paris, London, Tokyo and New York compounding his fashion knowledge and love for the industry.

Thom Krom launched early in 2009 in a world wide economic downturn and while Germany was experiencing a recession. In an industry that relies on agencies and distributors to promote brands, Thom independently attended a fashion fair in Berlin to present and sell his fashion line. There was maybe some naivety in this approach as Thom left the fair with only one new customer, a learning curve and an education into how high fashion is supposed to operate at this level.

Spurred on and committed to being successful Thom Krom changed track and tried the traditional way of calling and mailing potential new buyers. This again didn’t pick up traction for him, so with his undeterred innocence intact he gathered his collection of T shirts into an old Les Paul’s guitar case and began to knock the doors of his prospective customers.

His brand, like his selling style had a distinctly rock and roll feel, striking a cord with designer stores who embraced his passion. His resilience paid off and the enduring quality and avant garde nature of his collections has helped him to retain the first customer that signed up with him at the Berlin fashion fair and many of the the other clients whom he uninvitedly showed up at with not much more than his guitar case and T shirts.

The Allotment Store is an official stockist of Thom Krom and one of few boutiques worldwide that stock his collection. Shop the Allotments Thom Krom range here.

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Thom Krom Womenswear

The Allotment Store has recently begun stocking Thom Krom womenswear which is now available in store and online.



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