Dean and Dan Caten are the identical twin brothers from Ontario who founded fashion brand Dsquared2. The label was launched in 1995 with the philosophy of fusing the contrasting themes of the brothers roots in Canada, Italian tailoring and a huge dose of glamour. These fundamnetal ingredients have helped the brand to become one of the most celebrated of recent times. The ethos is playful clothing with a focus on design evolution to ensure the lines are consistently at the forefront of trendsetting high fashion.

How the Dsquared2 brothers created a major fashion brand

Dualism has been a huge part of the story for the brothers, from growing up together as identical twins, to sharing the same passions and dreams for their future.

Dean and Dan came from humble beginnings. They were the youngest of 9 children to their English mother and Italian father. Their siblings, some of whom were many years older than the twins, had an influence on Dean and Dan’s creativity, with interests that ranged from being rockers to disco queens to hippies.

The twins formed a strong bond and from an early age considered that it was the two of them against the rest of the world. In fact they have only ever been separated once in their lives. At 16 they spent 6 months away from each other, an experience that proved challenging and one they decided they never wanted to repeat.

In 1983 the brothers attended Parsons school of design in Lower Manhattan, NYC, which boasts a designer alumni of Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Anna Sui, to name a few. The brothers were not destined to become part of the alumni of Parsons, dropping out after only one semester. Headstrong in their intuition the boys deemed that the school wasn’t for them and returned home to Canada.

It was here that they were employed by Canadian label Ports International and where they began their hands on learning experiences, starting their professional careers as junior designers, learning the ropes, and working their way up to become the joint heads of design for the company.

In 1991 the brothers were inspired to broaden their horizons and find out more about their fathers Italian roots. They moved to Milan where they gained further experience through collaborating with luxury brands. The duo were beginning to gain notoriety within the industry. Being on the radar enabled them to secure investment from Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel, and it was a combination of the brothers creative vision and the backing of Renzo that led to the launch of Dsquared2.

The pair captured the attention of the the fashion industry and worldwide press by injecting their signature style into their runway shows whilst showcasing their initial menswear collections. The shows are by default theatrical, and seamlessly integrate fashion with music to create a feast for the onlookers senses.

Their unique formula worked and since then the duo have launched womenswear collections, beach, underwear and children’s lines. They have become a behemoth in the fashion industry with fragrances and perfumes also amongst the DSquared2 offerings.

Soon the Designers Duo started to expand the business: in 2003 they presented their first women’s collection, in 2012 Beachwear and Underwear collections, in 2013 childrenswear collection and in 2006 perfumes and fragrances.

The duo now live together dividing their time between London and Milan, where the collections are produced. The circumstances of the pairs present lives has given rise to the motto ‘Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Milan'

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