Mens Paris Fashion Week AW Trends

Fashion week is an opportunity to see what designers have in store for us for the year ahead, with Paris Fashion week being the only place to experience Haute Couture. There are Fashion weeks held across the world, but the 4 most prominent are London, Milan, New York and of course, Paris, which may be considered the ancestral home of high fashion as we now know it.


You may be surprised to find out, despite most of us associating haute couture with the French, that the the father of expensive designer clothing as we know it today was actually an English man called Charles Frederick Worth. He started the House of Worth in 1858, and he was the first designer to place labels in his garments, creating the first clothing brand logo that would differentiate his pieces from the everyday hoi polloi fashion of the time. 

He may have been born in Lincolnshire in the UK, but Worth established his fashion house in Paris creating a place for high society to try and buy his style of fashion, putting him in the fortunate position to allow himself to dictate the twice yearly seasonal fashion trends.
Worth is also given credit for being the first person to use real life models to promote his collections, the precursor of our modern day super models.

1943 saw the first ever Fashion Week which was staged in New York. France at the time was caught up in the Second World War, so the event in New York gave an opportunity to fashion buyers to purchase garments they would have normally travelled to France for. Paris has held Haute Couture shows since 1945 with their first official Paris Fashion Week taking place in 1973

Nowadays, with the invention of the internet and social media sites such as Instagram, the designs on the Fashion Week runways quickly filter down to the high street, in easy to wear pieces that everyone can buy into.


While the lion's share of the fashion on offer in any given fashion week has historically been and still is predominantly womens wear, mens clothing shows often take place integrated alongside womens fashion, but there are some shows that exclusively show mens wear.

2018’s Men's Fashion week was held between 17th and 21st January in Paris and showed the collections that we are embracing now to keep us looking cool in the winter months.
Some of the Allotment Stores favourite designers showed off their visions for the current season back in January. As fashions finest designers and male fashionistas all around the world gear up for Paris Fashion week in January 2019, we take a retrospective look at what came out of last years Parisian shows.

Boris Bidjan Saberi showed on the 18th January with his Paganism collection

He wrapped his models up in oversized layers, with bulky knit wear, tabards, gillets, long silhouettes and snowboards. One of the cooler shows on offer, the whole spectacle was enshrined by a middle eastern sounding deep trance beat.


Ann Demeulemeester's menswear collection was shown on 19th January
Ann Demeulemeester incorporated flowing tailoring with waistcoats and shirts that conjured up a romantic gothic feel. She combined clenched waists with flowing silhouettes. Splashes of rich plum tones, limes and emerald greens were intermixed with the standard blacks. Shearling and other animal skins were interwoven with exquisite detailing, floating sleeves, seams and military style buttons. The show was a mesmerising spectacle and has continued to firmly cement Ann Demeulemeester reputation as one of the finest designers of our time.


Yohji Yamamoto layered loose fabric for his AW18 menswear collection.
Keeping true to form the signature embroidery and motifs (we have come to know Yohji Yamamoto for) were emblazoned on ad hoc garments throughout the show. He seamlessly blended the more sheer fabrics with leather sleeves and skirts that somehow managed to epitomise masculinity. The undercurrent of a Samurai style was apparent throughout. Yohji made use of blacks, earth tones and more daring moochromes and splashes of blood red.


Rick Owens amazed with his Sisyphus collection on January 18th

Rick Owens made use of earthy, cream and black tones to deliver a deconstructed, futuristic range of mens and womenswear against the backdrop of a hard techno beat.


We can safely say that mens fashion has come a long way since Charles Frederick Worth created the first ever fashion brand, but there is still some way to go before it is on a par with womens fashion.
The 2019 AW mens Paris week will take place between 21st - 24th January. The Allotment Store will be in attendance and we can’t wait to see what will be on offer for AW19 so that we can continue to dress our fashion forward, style conscious clientele.