Luxury Gifts for men under £250

It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to how we can show gratitude to the people we love with a gift to show how much we care. If you are shopping for a male loved one, finding the right Christmas gift for him is not always easy, but don’t despair. There is no need to fall back on the obligatory pair of socks this year. If you’re looking for something special for the man in your life look no further.

The Allotment Store has collated a list of 6 unique gifts from world renowned designers so you can surprise your man with a touch of luxury this Christmas morning. And if that wasn’t enough all the items on our list are under £250 each so they won’t break the bank.

11 by BBS Vegetable tanned Horse skinned aftershave £150.

11 Boris Bidjan Saberi Aftershave

Looking good and smelling good go hand in hand for today’s modern man. Boris Bidjan Saberi’s Vegetable tanned horse skinned aftershave may have a name that is a bit of a mouthful, but is made up of only 11 ingredients. The fragrance is inspired by the process of vegetable tanning the leather that Saberi uses in his clothing line and also from numerology. Vegetable tanning is an all natural way of tanning leather without using harmful chemicals and for those who aren’t familiar with numerology, the number 11 is a master number which represents illumination, inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. The fragrance is the embodiment of these values all wrapped up in a bottle of scent that smells devine. The beauty of this gift is that although it is marketed towards men it is actually smells great on women too, so you can buy it for your other half and sneak some of it for yourself. A steal at £150.

 RH45 Nirvana Statement T-Shirt £180

RH45 Nirvana Statement T shirt

Getting dressed up needn’t take all day. The statement Tee is a must have for the man who wants to stand out from the crowd with minimal effort. Teamed with jeans and trainers a statement T-shirt can take an average look to the next level. The Allotment loves the RH45 Sex print artisan T-shirt. It has a slim fit, its 100% cotton and is made in Italy. The sex, drugs and rock n' roll graphic print on the front will turn heads and the sequin detail gives a little bit of understated sparkle which is perfect for the festive season. This Tee is not only a cool Christmas present but will also be a super cool addition to his wardrobe.

Cor Jewellery Silver stacked ring £220

Mens chunky silver ring by Cor Jewellery

Jewellery doesn’t just have to be for the ladies this festive season. With the right measure of layering of crucifix pendants, beads and chunky rings, your man can channel his inner Johnny Depp and get your heart racing in the process. If the only jewellery your man has ever worn is a wedding band, you can ease him in gently with a statement piece like our Silver Stacked ring from Cor Jewellery. If he is already on board with accessorising with jewellery this will be a stylish addition to his collection which will ensure that he keeps standing out from the crowd.

LGR Norton sunglasses £250

LGR italian handmade sunglasses

It might not be considered the season for sunglasses, but the sun can still catch us off guard on early winter mornings. If your man isn’t an early riser a cool pair of shades is a must have to hide the tell tale signs of a late night, whatever the time of the year. LGR make quality handmade Italian sunglasses and are worn by household name celebrities. Tom Cruise can be seen sporting a pair in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, and they are a firm favourite of Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo and His Royal Highness Prince William. Whether your man likes styling himself on the rugged macho man, premiership sports star or prefers to don the aristocratic look, LGR have a style that will suit his individuality. For a classic look the Norton black and green LGR sunglasses are an Allotment Store favourite. They are anti scratch, impact resistant and give 100% UV protection. With care these shades will last a lifetime, and ensure your man will look good all year long.

Yohji Yamamoto Black lighter case £120

Yohji Yamamoto lighter case

We all know that smoking is bad but if he is going to smoke anyway he may as well look good in the process. One annoyance of being a smoker is remembering where you left your lighter. The Yohji Yamamoto black lighter case solves this problem with its silver eyelet for a chain, meaning you can wear this item as a piece of ultra cool jewellery around the neck, and as long as the lighter is popped back inside after use, you can keep tabs on your clipper. The lighter case has a 100% leather casing and has the iconic Yamamoto signature embossed into it. This is a functional yet stylish Christmas gift for the man who likes a crafty fag.

 Rick Owens Borsa Tote bag  £165

Rick Owens mens tote bag

As we move towards an increasingly genderless society why should it be just down to women to carry everything including the kitchen sink in their handbags? If your man isn’t carrying a man bag yet, now’s the time for him to share the burden. Subhuman, Inhuman or Superhuman, whichever of these words you would use to describe your other half, Rick Owens has it covered with these 3 slogans embellishing his black Borsa Tote Bag. This leather effect bag has enough room for everything your man might need as he navigates through life’s trials and tribulations. Large enough for a tablet or small laptop and with enough room to carry your lipstick too, this is a practical designer fashion item and will make a perfect gift for him this Christmas.

So there it is, The Allotment Stores top 6 designer Christmas presents for him which are all under £250. Order online and there isn’t even any need to leave the comfort of your home to put a smile on his face this Christmas.